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Meta AI Breakthrough: Blind Artificial Agents Map Surroundings with Memory

Meta AI, a leading artificial intelligence research company, has just found that AI blind agents can learn to navigate a maze just by touch, much like humans can.

The team wanted to know if AI navigation agents could develop maps of their surroundings, just like living creatures do. So, they trained some AI agents with limited sensory abilities using a technique called reinforcement learning.

Even with the limited information these agents had to work with, they still managed to navigate new environments with a success rate of 95%. They were also able to remember what they learned over time, avoid obstacles, take shortcuts, and develop maps of their environment that were tailored to their tasks.

Meta's discovery suggests that mapping is a key part of navigation for both living and artificial beings. This is a critical step forward in the field of AI navigation and is sure to inspire even more exciting advancements.

Read the research paper:


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