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Adept AI's ACT-1: Automating Tedious Tasks with AI Technology

Adept AI Introduces Action Transformer (ACT-1)

In September 2022, Adept AI, a company that specializes in developing advanced AI models, introduced its latest model, Action Transformer (ACT-1). This model is a large-scale Transformer that is trained to use digital tools, including web browsers. The company believes that this model is a step towards achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) and that the next era of computing will be defined by natural language interfaces that allow users to tell their computers what they want directly.

Why ACT-1 is Important

ACT-1 represents a significant step towards achieving true general intelligence. It is a foundation model for actions, trained to use a wide range of software tools, APIs, and web applications. Adept AI believes that by creating a model that can understand and execute a wide range of tasks and commands, they will be able to achieve the ambitious goal of creating a system that can do anything a human can do in front of a computer. ACT-1 is the first step in this direction, and the company plans to continue developing and improving the model to bring us closer to this goal.

ACT-1 Capabilities

ACT-1 is currently connected to a Chrome extension which allows it to observe what's happening in the browser and take certain actions, like clicking, typing, and scrolling, etc. The company has released videos showcasing some of the capabilities of ACT-1, including high-level user requests, working in-depth in tools like spreadsheets, completing tasks that require composing multiple tools together, and looking up information online. The company believes that the model's capabilities will improve over time and that future systems will have latency that's largely imperceptible to humans.

Home buyers using ACT-1 to look up homes within their budget. Source: Adept AI

Employees using ACT-1 to log a description for a recent meeting on the company dashboard. Source: Adept AI

Someone using ACT-1 on Excel to add columns to their spreadsheet and automatically perform calculations. Source: Adept AI

Looking Ahead

Adept AI believes that natural language interfaces, powered by action transformers like ACT-1, will dramatically expand what people can do in front of a computer, phone, or internet-connected device. In the future, the company expects most interaction with computers to be done using natural language, not graphical user interfaces. Beginners will become power users, no training required, and software will become even more powerful as advanced AI models like ACT-1 help users implement their ideas in language. Sign-ups are now open for the alpha release of the company's first product built around ACT-1.

Additionally, Adept AI sees ACT-1 as being particularly beneficial for businesses and organizations, where it can automate tedious and repetitive tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency. It can also be used for customer service and support, allowing for faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries and concerns.

Overall, the introduction of ACT-1 represents a significant step forward in the field of AI and has the potential to greatly impact the way we interact with technology in our everyday lives. Adept AI plans to continue to develop and improve ACT-1, with the goal of creating a truly general AI model that can understand and execute a wide range of tasks and commands.

Learn more about ACT-1 and other Adept AI technologies at their website:


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